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# experimental
# psico-sound-scapes


Lilith es un lunático ser andrógino que genera sesiones de audiopuntura para liberar emociones y proclamar el amor universal. Combinando ruidos, samples, grabaciones de campo y voces del otro lado, crea un canal directo para entrar en contacto con el espacio exterior.

Lilith is a lunatic androgyne being who creates audio-puncture sessions to liberate emotions and proclaim the universal love. Combining noises, samples, field recordings and voices from the other side, it creates a direct channel to get in contact with the outer space.

__ ALBUMS __
R U D A w/Ruda
Después del Mundo / as LILITH
El Espíritu Ambriento w/ FALSOS PROFETAS
El Árbol Caído / as LILITH
Todo Gira / as LILITH
aèr / as LILITH